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The Turtle is a modern take on the traditional Aboriginal-style dot art paintings which focus on looking down on the earth or the water. The painting is part of Gateway Art Sales' Aboriginal Style Dot Art Collection by the artist Deborah Nicholson. In this beautiful, vibrant painting, the bright orange tones of the turtle really stand out against the blues of the water. The whole painting is made up of tiny dots. This is known today as dot art or pointillism. The technique of pointillism dates back to the 1880s.

This piece would be ideal for someone looking for something a little bit more unusual in this part of the world. Ideal for someone who loves colour. This is likely to be popular in Abu Dhabi due to the native Hawksbill turtle being found along the coastline.

It would look stunning in a living room, hallway, dining room or office - somewhere where it can make an impact and be admired.

The Turtle is painted in acrylic and presented on a quality, ready stretched canvas with deep, staple-free edges of approximately 3.5cm. It has painted wrap-around edges, so is ready to hang straight on to your wall - no frame required. Where will you have it on display in your home?

The artwork is signed by the artist, Deborah Nicholson, on the frame at the back and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Viewings of original artwork can be arranged prior to purchase, but only in the UAE.

Insitu images for visual purposes only - not to scale.


Artist: Deborah Nicholson

Type: Original

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 40cm x 50cm

Date of Release: November 2018

Ready to hang! (No need to frame.)

Certificate of Authenticity


This design is also available as:

  • Limited Edition Mounted Print (75)
  • Greeting cards



  • As with all artworks, it is recommended to be positioned out of sunlight to avoid fading of colours.


    No water or cleaning products should be used on the painting unless you are a professional. Regularly pass a feather duster or soft brush over the painting to keep it clear of dust. Do no apply any pressure to the picture. Always handle with care.

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