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A stylish monochrome Christmas wreath which will look particularly fantastic in a home or office with black and white decor, or when added to other Christmas decorations if you are decorating in either a monochrome or black Christmas theme. It will add a touch of unique style to your XMAS decor, wherever it is hung.



This elegant Christmas wreath is full of texture as it is created with ruffles of white mesh with metallic silver stipes to catch the light and rolls of white mesh with white stripe edging and rolls of white mesh with black stripe edging, all of which sit on a bed or black and white stripey mesh.  A cute, black and white Merry Christmas metal sign is positioned in the center of the wreath with the rolls forming a frame around it.


Size: Diameter approx 54cm. 


Details About Gateway Hand Crafted Wreaths

✅ Handmade in the UAE by Jenny Hunt

✅ Unique wreaths. Each design is a one-off. Ideal if you want to sure you won't have the same door decoration as your neighbours.

✅ WOW factor decorations designed to create a statement and stand out. They are great talking points and you'll enjoy door envy and curb appeal.

✅ Extremely Instagramable!

✅ 100% artificial wreaths

✅ Cost effective - they last for years

✅ Reusable decor you can adore for years to come (if looked after and stored appropriately)

✅ Low - No maintenance. Simply 'fluff' the ribbons to shape them exactly as you want them (most of our ribbons wire-edged especially for this purpose)

✅ Wreaths can be hung in so many places around the home and workplace, including: front doors, internal doors, entrance walls and internal walls.

✅ We make wreaths for all occasions, celebrations, seaons, gifts, parties, hobbies and everyday themes.  We love to create decorations which make people stop, stare and go 'WOW'. So, the next time you want special party decorations, check out our wreaths for really unique party decor.

✅ We have a hundreds of wreath making ideas, but we can only make a few at a time due to storage limitations. If you can't see what you want in our stocks, contact us to discuss your idea. We love creating custom wreaths and will bring your ideas to life.


When buying any of our wreaths, they are ready to hang on either a door or wall. If hanging on your front door, gate or somewhere outside, we recommend a sheltered location out of direct sunlight to protect them from being damaged by the elements.


This is not a Toy. For decoration only. Colours can vary from screen to screen. Insitu images are for visual purposes only and not to scale. Handmade products benefit from being beautifully imperfect.


Christmas Wreath Collection and Delivery across the UAE

When you buy our wreaths, choose the most convenient way to get them:

Al Ain:

  • Free pick up by appointment in Zakher.
  • Courier delivery.


Abu Dhabi:

  • Free pick up by appointment, during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5:30) from our office in Hamdan Street, Al Danah.
  • Courier delivery.


Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Qwain, Fujairah & Ras Al Khaimah:

  • Courier delivery.


Our suggestions for hanging your Christmas wreaths

  • Front door
  • Inside of your front door 
  • Entryway wall / porch / entrance gate
  • Window
  • Patio / gazebo / balcony / veranda
  • Hallway / entryway / entrance / reception
  • Fireplace / mantel piece
  • Wall above your bed
  • Handles and hooks on large furniture
  • Offices / workplaces / meeting rooms
  • Cafes / restaurants / hotels / embassies


Buy the best handmade wreaths to add a spectacular element to your home decor in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Simply shop online from our readymade XMAS wreaths or customize your own wreath to match the colours and themes of your party or event. Why be ordinary when you can have extraordinary door decor and party decorations!

Monochrome Merry Christmas Wreath, Door Decoration

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