This option is for you if you would like to have a Christmas wreath constructed especially for your home (or for a gift). Our exquisite wreaths can be used as either wall decorations or door decor. With this option you get exactly what you want. We can colour match it to your home or party decor. 


You get to:

  • Choose the theme (e.g. Santa, Snow, Gingerbread, Carols etc...)
  • Choose your colours
  • Choose to add in extras for maximum impact (this includes things such as embellishments, ornaments, artificial flowers, tubing, picks and sprays).


What are the steps involved?

1) Purchase this Customised Christmas Wreath

2) Upon receipt of purchase confirmation, we will call you to discuss and clarify your requirements.

3) We will curate the best elements to create your perfect Christmas wreath. We will email these to you in the format of a mood board for approval. 

4) Once approved, we will order the necessary elements to construct your wreath.

5) Whilst making your wreath, we will send you photos and videos.

6) Your perfect Christmas wreath is ready for you.


Some points to note before ordering:

  • AED650 is our minimum fee for a custom wreath. For this amount you will receive a beautiful wreath which will be a statement piece.  This will be a standard sized wreath with approprite plaque, ribbons and standard extras (described above), based upon our discussion.
  • In the instance, your requirements exceed the above deliverables, including any or all of the following:
  1. an extra large wreath size
  2. custom designed, laser cut wreath sign
  3. custom embellishments
  4. large quantity of embellishments for an extravagant over-the-top look

we will curate the best elements for your wreath in line with our AED650 fee outlined above; and separately show you the extras you have requested and what the additional fees will be to cover those.  You can then approve the AED650 wreath or upgrade to include all of the extras and the additional fees.

  • From your approval of the elements for your wreath, please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery. However, if we have all elements in stock, you will receive your wreath sooner.  We will advise this at the time of presenting the curated elements for your approval. Where possible, please order well in advance as turnaround times can increase around busy holidays.
  • Another reason to order well in advance is for us be able to purchase the elements needed to make up your wreath. Due to Covid, our suppliers have been struggling to get stocks which means as soon as they receive new items, they sell out straight away. If we know what you want, we can keep checking with our suppliers and purchase either well in advance or as soon as stocks are available.
  • By ordering a custom wreath you agree to have read our Refunds & Returns Policy & Delivery Policy. Custom orders are created to your requirements and agreed/approved at each stage; therefore, it is not possible to return a custom order unless it is damaged or not as per your final approval.


We look forward to working with you to create your dream Christmas wreath decor or for a special gift.




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Customize Your Own Christmas Wreath