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What exactly is Christmas in July?

13th July 2021

Explaining what Christmas in July actually is, depends upon where you are reading this. If you are in a Southern Hemisphere country, Christmas in July is all about experiencing events with a winter feel. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the opposite - an opportunity to celebrate Christmas in warm temperatures.

The dates for Christmas in July vary a little. Commercially, organisations host events and sales throughout the month of July. However, some people specifically mark Christmas in July on the 12th whilst others mark it as the 25th of July. And, don't forget, if that isn't confusing enough, just a few weeks ago, some people and organisations were celebrating 25th June as Half Way To Christmas. Confused? I think it this is a great excuse to get all Christmassy for an extra six weeks during the summer.

As to the origins of Christmas in July, according to Wikipedia, it stems from an 1892 French opera called Werther, in which children rehearse a Christmas song in July.

Additionally, churches have long-celebrated Christmas in July. They get early donations which can then be distributed out to their missions.

And, in 1940, there was even a Hollywood movie by the same name.

The Commercial Side Of Christmas in July

Not surprisingly, organisations have jumped on the bandwagon to maximise the opportunities which Christmas in July presents. In days gone by, the armed forces used it to promote early Christmas mailing. In retail, it is an opportunity for businesses to sell off stock to make room for the coming season's new inventory.

Hallmark does Christmas in July big style! This year, Hallmark is launching 250 new Keepsake ornaments and the Hallmark Channel is running its Christmas movies throughout the month.

How is Gateway Art Sales Marking Christmas in July?

We have been looking forward to Christmas in July as it is an opportunity for us to announce four launches:

1. Christmas Spirits On Sale Now

We are currently moving into a new showroom space, so it is the ideal time to have a clearance sale of our readymade Christmas and everyday wreaths, to free up storage space (our wreaths are generally bigger than average and some are even extra large, so their storage boxes take up a lot of space). It just so happens it ties in beautifully with Christmas in July.

2. Pre-order Christmas 2021 decorations

We love Christmas and all the colourful themes and decorations, so we are extremely excited to announce we are bringing RAZ Imports' Christmas decorations to the UAE this year.

We are testing the market here to gauge interest, so stocks are strictly limited, hence we recommend viewing the collection and pre-ordering your favourite pieces early before we sell out.

We are showcasing products from three of RAZ Imports' Christmas 2021 Collections: Holiday Spice, To Grandmother's House We Go & Peppermint Parlour, including:

- Gingerbread man and peppermint wreaths

- Gingerbread cookies, candy canes & peppermint-themed ornaments

- Gingerbread trees and gingerbread lighted villages tabletop decorations

- Christmas signs, containers, cushions, garlands & book stacks.

We will also be adding Christmas decorations from other stockists in the comings weeks, so keep checking back for even more beautiful things.

3. Preorder Handmade Christmas Gifts & Decorations

We are expanding our handmade Christmas collection to include beautiful items which you can add into your existing Christmas collections or give as gifts or stocking fillers. Beautiful, handmade items as unique as you and the recipients you are gifting to, including:

- Deep engraved wooden letters with name & stars

- Wooden Santa Hat letters

- Wood Bead Garlands & Pom Pom Ball Garlands

- Customized Christmas wreaths (choose your theme and colours)

- Christmas ornaments

Some are already available for pre-order, but more will be added over the coming weeks.

4. Preorder Christmas Ribbons

We are super excited to bring you the opportunity to preorder beautiful themed Christmas ribbons for decorating your Christmas trees and garlands, making Christmas bows and adding the finishing touch to your Christmas gifts.

This is also a trial for us after a number of inquiries asking us to sell the beautiful ribbons we use in our Christmas wreaths, as such, quantities are limited whilst we gauge market interest and uptake.

Christmas is an annual event for me personally. I'm always looking at Christmas products and decorations, sourcing and ordering from suppliers and thinking up creative new ideas. I know for some, the thought of Christmas in July is unthinkable, but I know there are many, many others who are just a little bit Christmas-obsessed, like me, and don't need any excuse to get in the Christmas spirit.

So if you are a Christmas lover and super organised that you're starting your shopping for Christmas, please enjoy our discounted Christmas wreaths and our expanding ventures into handmade Christmas items, exquisite Christmas decorations and fun Christmas ribbons. Happy Shopping!

Written by Jenny Hunt

Founding Partner & CEO, Gateway Art Sales LLC & FORBES' Top 100 Most Influential Women In The Middle East


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