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78 Reasons To Send Greeting Cards

9th June 2021

Human connection is important, but particularly so when we have been restricted from being with, hugging and kissing, and shaking hands with friends and loved ones due to Covid.

Since the start of the pandemic, I've been inspired and warmed by people's creativity, warmth and thoughtfulness to look out for everyone in their communities. Video calling has become so popular now, it's hard to think back to before this technology. However, it doesn't reach everyone.

I send cards to a lady in the UK in her 80s. She's been a part of my life since I was just 7 years old and is important to me. She doesn't have Internet in her home, so video calling and emails don't work for her. Phone calls are great, but they end with the conversation. Sending cards helps to bridge the gap in this situation because it's a physical thing that she can touch, hold, admire it on display, and re-read whenever she wants to. It's a reminder each time she see it, that I'm thinking about her and that she is loved.

There are lots of reasons to send greeting cards. Some really obvious, such as holidays and celebrations, and others which might not be so obvious, but would be really beneficial, and show the recipient your extra care and thoughtfulness. So, below is a list of the most popular reasons for sending greeting cards.

Have a look through and get inspired. If I've missed some, which are important to you, please let me know in the comments at the end.

Send greeting cards for holidays

  1. Christmas

  2. New Year

  3. Chinese New Year

  4. Valentines Day

  5. Mother's Day

  6. Father's Day

  7. Grandparents Day

  8. St Patrick's Day

  9. Easter

  10. Ramadan

  11. Eid Al Fitr

  12. Eid Al Adha

  13. 4th of July, Independence Day

  14. Diwali

  15. Halloween

  16. Thanksgiving

  17. Hanukkah

  18. Passover

  19. Yom Kippur

  20. Holi

  21. Dussehra

  22. Durga Puja

  23. Navratri

  24. Onam

Send greeting cards for occasions

  1. Birthdays

  2. New baby

  3. Christening / Baby naming

  4. Baby Shower

  5. Confirmation

  6. First Communion

  7. Engagement

  8. Wedding

  9. Wedding Anniversaries (1st, 10, 20th, 25th, 30,, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th)

  10. Retirement

  11. Get Well Soon

  12. Sympathy

  13. Graduation (nowadays population for nursery, kindergarten, school, college & university)

  14. Congratulations - Passing Exams

  15. Congratulations - Passing Driving Test

  16. Congratulations - Coming Of Age (18, 21)

  17. Quinceañera

  18. Bar Mitzvah

  19. Bat Mitzvah

  20. Congratulations

  21. Mazel Tov

  22. Teacher Appreciation (thank you teacher)

  23. Leaving & Bon voyage

  24. Moving / New Home

  25. New Job, Promotion

  26. Good Luck

  27. Thank you

Modern Reasons For Sending Cards

  1. Belated Birthday

  2. Back To School

  3. Divorce

  4. Bridal Shower

  5. Encouragement (Spiritual, Studying, Relationship, Getting Fit, Religious, Losing Weight, Saving Money)

  6. Friendship

  7. Sharing Memories

  8. New Pet

  9. Loss Of A Pet

  10. Compliment

  11. Apologize

  12. Introduce Yourself

  13. Re-Connect

  14. Fan Mail

  15. Getting / Losing First Tooth

  16. Invitation

  17. Reminders

  18. Celebrate Months

  19. Celebrate Seasons

Send greeting card sentiments

(not already mentioned above)

  1. Just to say...

  2. Thinking Of You

  3. Love

  4. Homesick

  5. Lonely

  6. Missing

  7. Hello

  8. Welcome

Show you care - send a greeting card

I hope the above has given you some ideas for sending greeting cards. Sending a card is a quick and inexpensive way to connect with someone. Do It.

At Gateway Art Sales we have a beautiful selection of greeting cards to get you started. Featuring designs from some of our artworks, you are not only being thoughtful sending a card, you are sharing some art too.

Our cards are blank inside, giving you plenty of space to write a personal message. It also means they can be used for lots of difference reasons.

Don't wait for a holiday or special occasion. Send a greeting card today.

Click on any of the greeting cards images below to go directly to our shop.

Written by Jenny Hunt

Founding Partner & CEO, Gateway Art Sales LLC & FORBES' Top 100 Most Influential Women In The Middle East

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