The original paintinf of the Turquoise Mermaid is particularly special because it has been painted using acrylic metallic paints by artist Justine Haycox for Gateway Art Sales' Mermaids Collection.  This means, that as the light catches it, the scales on the mermaid's tail give a shimmery effect.  Every body loves a bit of shimmer and it really brings the painting to life.


We love the Turquoise Mermaid painting as its the only one in the collection which has black hair, which is a stark contrast to the mermaid's pale skin.  The turquoise is a lovely calming marine-life colour and compliments the mermaid's sealife pals - the seahorse and the fish.  


This painting would look perfect in a little girl's bedroom who loves fairytales or perhaps already has a mermaid theme and we think little girls will particularly love the shimmery effect from the paints used.

The artist has signed the painting and the its accompanying certificate of authenticity.  It is ready for framing.  It has been professionally double mounted, using a turquoise inner mount to draw the eye to the mermaid. It is presented in a cellophane wrap for protection and would make a lovely gift for a lucky little lady. The Mermaids Collection comprises four other coloured mermaids in pink, orange, green and lavender and each has their own distintive hair colour. Pick your favourite.

Viewings of original artwork can be arranged prior to purchase, but only in the UAE.

Insitu images for visual purposes only - not to scale.


Artist: Justine Haycox

Type: Original Artwork

Medium: Acrylic on Paper

Paper: Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic Paper

Image Size: Approx. 16.5cm x 14cm

Mounted: Double mounted with turquoise inner mount

Mount Size: 39.5cm x 52cm

Release Date: May 2019

Ready for framing!

Certificate of Authenticity


Also available in this design:

  • Small Mounted Prints, square size 10in x 10in
  • Greeting cards



  • As with all artworks, it is recommended to be positioned out of sunlight to avoid fading of colours.


    Keep the picture shrink wrapped until it is framed.