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If you are planning to celebrate and decorate for St Patrick's Day on the 17th March, then you need to add a themed wreath to your decor.


Whether you are decorating your home, planning a party or organizing an event for St Patty's Day this year, a wreath is a great, and different, piece of decor to use. Wreaths are really versatile - you can hang them on a wall or a door. They are a beautiful way to welcome visitors at the entrance or to include alongside your other decor.  A unique piece of decor you can have fun with.


This stunning Happy St Patrick's Day wreath looks fabulous hung on a wall or a door. It is handmade and features a huge signature bow in the centre created with a mix of green ribbons, St Patrick's Day themed ribbons and gets additional dimension from a fun green jelly ribbon. It also features cute shamrock shaped wooden sign. 


As with all of our wreaths, this Paddy's Day wreath is very instagramable! Handmade by Jenny Hunt, this wreath is a one-of-a-kind piece, giving you the opportunity to decorate your home with unique decor that you won't find anywhere else. Use it to stand out! Furthermore, if it is looked after and stored appropriately, it can be re-used and enjoyed next year and for years to come.


Size: Diameter: approx TBCcm. Depth: approx. TBCcm.

Ready to hang on either a door or a wall in your home or at a party or event. If hanging on your front door or an outside wall, we recommend it is in a sheltered location out of direct sunlight in order to protect it from being damaged by the elements.


This is not a Toy. For decoration only. Colours can vary from screen to screen. Insitu images for visual purposes only and not to scale. Handmade products benefit from being beautifully imperfect.


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    St Patrick's Day Wreath

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